Letter to racehorse trainers

Pro-Dosa International

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Dear Trainer,

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to our product, Pro-Dosa BOOST.

Pro-Dosa BOOST is a comprehensive, balanced, bioavailable multi-nutrient paste formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, racing, transport, or stress. It is a cost effective, simple to use supplement that will complement your management system, helping your horse to achieve optimal race performance, recovery and health.

Traditionally, racehorse trainers administer electrolytes by stomach tube along with various amino acid, vitamin, trace mineral, and iron solutions by injection. These practices are relatively expensive for the horse owner and can be stressful for the horse. Additionally, administration of individual nutrients may result in imbalances that impair their absorption and usefulness.

As a veterinarian in racetrack practice for 15 years, I am frequently asked to provide pre-race and recovery treatment. I wanted to be able to offer my clients a better alternative to their traditional practices, but I could not find any product in the world marketplace that met their needs for complete, balanced, efficient nutrient replacement. As a result, my associates and I at Pro-Dosa began to develop Pro-Dosa BOOST.

About five years ago, I offered my clients this product on a trial basis. To begin with, they were reluctant to change systems that seemed to be working for them. Quickly though, all of the trainers that tested Pro-Dosa BOOST in the occasional horse began asking for enough for their whole team. It is a real testament to the practicality and effectiveness of Pro-Dosa BOOST that all of the horsemen involved in the product trials are now such firm believers in it.

Now, successful trainers across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, UK, Europe, and the Middle East use Pro-Dosa BOOST regularly pre-race, between races for post-training recovery, and for travel. They also use it more frequently to maintain normal health, appetite, or metabolism, especially in those horses with low red blood cell parameters, poor body condition, heat stress, and problems with chronic tying-up.

For the best result in racehorses, give half of a tube after each gallop, half of a tube the day before racing, and one full tube 4-12 hours before racing. For horses that require additional nutritional support, give half of a tube every second day for 2 weeks. You may start with one full tube. Pro- Dosa BOOST can be top-dressed on feed or applied on the tongue.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or feedback by phone at +64-21-838-633 or by email at vetmed@xtra.co.nz or info@pro-dosa.com.

Kind Regards
Dr. Corinne McNamee